kirrii replied to your photo “finally got ultimate private eye on RED”

Is that resorting to danger?


finally got ultimate private eye on RED

  • Red Knot: One more thing, you smoke?
  • Nancy: hahaha 420 blaze it ayeeee


do you ever wish that if someone was mad at you in real life you could just come back a second later and they would be happy to see you again



A collection of Nancy’s sass in The Final Scene

I never knew what true beauty was until I saw this.


Turkeynugg’s Giveaway

In honor of opening my Etsy shop, I am doing a giveaway! For this giveaway, you will win a handpainted Nancy Drew tote bag along with a vintage copy of The Hidden Staircase.


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honey taking a few benjamins from aunt eloise wouldn’t hurt

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I love the games with dark and twisty family trees, like in this one, and GTH. It just adds extra depth and thought into, and maybe I just like scandal a bit too much…

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the feeling you get when you walk into a character’s room and they aren’t there